Thursday, June 23, 2011

Live Blogging: 2011 NBA Draft

10:22 This is the loudest applause that Adam Silver has ever gotten. And this ends the live coverage. Impressions? Minnesota still has zero idea what it's doing.

9:49 ESPN has been so far behind Twitter on their reporting. It's getting annoying.

9:40 The dog has been farting like crazy. Must not be happy with any of these picks.

9:11 Why they don't show the Isiah's a bum video from 2007 whenever the Knicks make a pick every year is beyond me.

9:01 Nice prom tux Kawhi! (Also, why is his pinky all mangled?)

8:48 What is happening with Marcus Morris' pocket square? It seems to be growing exponentially.

8:39 If you want draft coverage that's slightly less funny than me in the other internet tab, follow the Ball Don't Lie live chat.

8:23 In serious news, Ron Artest wants to change his name to Metta World Peace.

8:12 BIZ! (Fran, so you're telling me they just drafted a taller Joel Anthony with the #7 pick?)

8:04 Jonas Valanciunas: Opulence. I has it. (Kisses mini giraffe).

8:02 Just let out a big YES after this Toronto pick. I was just rooting that Kemba not get exiled to Canada.

7:59 Mark Jones seems to keep having his mic dumped. He must be swearing like crazy.

7:57 Bilas is killing me. Where's the "length" references?

7: 46 Where are the ridiculous suits? Why do they look so professional?

7:37 Kyrie is hearing all of this from the ESPN crew, yes? That seemed like a very nervous sip of water.

7:33 I love the booing. Big shout out to NJ!

7:23 Someone please find the vampire who bit Rachel Nichols before she infects the entire war room.

7:17 Zombies Can Dunk exclusive: With the first pick, the Cavs will draft Whitey Bulger because when he flees town at least no one will be pissed.

7:12 Angry contributor, Jay Breuer, makes his first contribution tonight: "Pace" is the new "length" for Jay Bilas this year.

7:11 Stuart Scott is not loud enough to make us care yet. Give him time

Otis Smith...Let's Make A Deal!

The NBA Draft is tonight! With Dwight Howard needing some help in Orlando (or else he is pulling a Shaq and RUNNING out of there), what do you think the chances are that Otis Smith, GM of the Magic, makes a move? For his job security, I'll guess 100%.

Here is an eye into the Orlando Magic Otis Smith situation room...

Friday, June 10, 2011

Not So Fast. Mr. Goalie. You Might Want To Look Behind You

This site has never written about Italian soccer, so you know something interesting happened. In the seventh division playoff between Dro and Termeno during a shootout to decide which club would win promotion, a goalie learned a valuable lesson about celebrating too early:

In case you missed it, yes that is the ball somehow defying the laws of physics to spin backwards into the goal, which the team would not have won without. Soccer gods are powerful beings.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rampage Jackson Is Amazing

Yay for motorboating...


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