Thursday, July 30, 2009

NBA Live 10 Preview

Update:  THF reader Rhymenocerous (I spelled that completely wrong) just informed me that 2K10 is coming out for the PSP this year.  In short, that means f*** NBA Live.  

-Oh poor NBA were so, so close to being purchased.  This means more ridicule and fun on this site for your franchise.  Woot.


Well, the unthinkable has happened: I've decided to get an NBA Live game. -Specifically, this year's upcoming edition. For you new readers, this is surprising given how many hilarious glitches I've shown on the site the past few years. The combination of Orlando Magic promotion and me not buying a video game for nearly a year (I'm due) did me in.

Here's a first look:

You can tell Vince Carter NEVER expected to be featured again in a video game commercial. There is still time before this title comes out, but unless EA sports finally answers my prayers and comes out with a game called "Run From The Altar: The Richard Jefferson Game", looks like I'm getting NBA Live this year. Reviews to follow.


Anonymous said...

even though this game has come a long way, it's still no match for the 2K sports franchise. If you want real motion and not just some cleverly constructed game ad to sway you to buy the game, buy 2K10 instead.

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