Monday, August 31, 2009

The Nets Just Hit A New Low

Just when you thought the Nets were going to sink even lower, perhaps by putting Yinka Dare's jersey in the rafters, news comes that makes it even sadder:  The Nets announced that they will offer packages next year that give out jerseys for PLAYERS ON OPPOSING TEAMS.

Yep, that's right.  As if the Nets had anything but purple #24  jerseys in the stands when they played the Lakers anyway, now the folks in the purple jerseys got them from the Nets staff.  As a rabid fan of my teams, and especially the jerseys and logos that represent them, this is nothing less than unconditional surrender on the part of the Nets' marketing team.  They know there is nothing bringing these fans to the stadium except a cheaper way than MSG to see Lebron and Kobe.  Even the Grizzlies and Bucks must look at this and shake their heads, and they're one more losing season away from "sleep with the team dancer of your choice" to sell tickets.

The best part is that the Izod center, where the Nets play, is filled with gigantic photos everywhere of Skiers wearing Izod clothes.  Now you have a home basketball game, filled with visitor's jerseys, in a stadium featuring another sport entirely.  Amazing!

For shame, Nets management...for shame.


Anonymous said...

I personally like this concept. Instead of buying two different jerseys for Kobe and D.Harris, I can just buy one and reverse it whenever I feel like cheering the Lakers (which is very rare).

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