Monday, January 31, 2011

Jay Cutler Blah Blah Blah Jay Cutler Blah Blah Blah

One of those Monday mornings where everyone seems to have a frown on their face. There is no reason to be unhappy as long as there are signs like this around:

Anyhoo, all anyone seems to be talking about lately is Bears QB Jay Cutler letting down his team in the playoffs by not playing through the pain of a hurt knee.

Look, we all know Cutler is a jerk in real life, as his pompous personal and girlfriend-stealing abilities are legendary, but the one thing he can do is play through the pain.

I use, as my only basis whatsoever for backing up this statement, this video:

His expression upon getting hit says it all: "I have a flabby face and body." Actually, I don't know his face said that, but it is what I read.


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