Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's Guy Christmas!

Tonight is the NFL draft, the day that every guy looks forward to a year more than any other. It's also the day that Miami Dolphins fans like myself call, "The day when you punch a hole in your television."

The Dolphins, you see, are incredibly skilled at making draft picks that their fans hate. It would be one thing if the draft picks proved fans wrong once in a while...but all you have to do is look at the wikipedia page of Pat White to understand their track record. It's awful. The original Trail Of Tears involved Native Americans...this one involves people who like their team enough to somehow wear aqua and orange as a fashion statement. Nonetheless, myself and other fans of beleaguered franchises will watch anxiously and pray that a franchise Quarterback (I'm hoping for Ryan Mallett or Christian Ponder) will be selected by their team and not this year's Ted Ginn.

In the spirit of the draft, I present my favorite all time NFL draft-related video...a recap of every bad New York Jets draft blunder in recent years. The reactions of these mustachioed, overweight fans from Queens makes me smile every time...even if their current team is substantially better than mine:

Recap of the 2011 draft, including whichever no-names the Dolphins pick, coming soon!


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