Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Starbury Contines To Mind-F**k Mike D'Antoni And The Knicks

Lest you forgot, the banished Stephon Marbury is still getting paid over $21 million by the New York Knicks despite the fact he has not worked for a cent of it. And just to rub it in, Marbury decided to get a courtside seat to see his "teammates" play the Lakers the other night in LA. Here's some quotes followed by a translation of what they REALLY meant to say.

Coach Mike D'Antoni: "That's fine. About 19,000 people are going to be there tonight, so if he wants to see a good game, that's great."

Knicks Forward Quentin Richardson: "My thing is, we were here playing the Lakers. I guess he was a face in the crowd. I didn't know he was there."
TRANSLATION: He kept heckling me about Brandy.

Richardson: "I hope he enjoyed it. It was a good game."
TRANSLATION: When can I start making that kind of money without playing?

Marbury: "All I've got to do is get free. Once I get free, the team I'm going to go to, I think a lot of people will be shocked."
TRANSLATION: I am going to form a barnstorming team of exiled players including Darius Miles and JR Rider. If that doesn't work, I think I'm still eligible to get some run at Lincoln High!


Anonymous said...

lol this is pretty funny....i mean, they gotta do somethin about this...he got payed to watch from the stand last night lol..well as a knicks fan, all we can do is look forward to the bucks game tonight...i'll be there, hopefully we pull out the my ticket for a cheap 30 bucks when it was originally $60.50...if anyone else is interested, go here and type the code LEE in:

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