Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cetics-Magic 1/22/09

Last night the Orlando Magic entered into their home game against the defending champs with the best record in the league. Since this was an important measuring stick match up for both BBJ's and my childhood teams, we each recorded our random thoughts as the game played on.

-The best part of of the game right now was the look in on the Magic locker room during Van Gundy's game adjustments. Van Gundy has obviously found the perfect outfit that his ripped body can fit comfortably in: the t-shirt with a sports coat. That way he can get some reps in during half time.

-Who the hell is the girl who makes the weird pose with her hands under her chin and elbows above her ears in the Gatorade commercial?

-It's REALLY hard to get a a charging call when you flop against Kevin Garnett. Don't even bother to look at the refs for help if you get out muscled by a guy who looks like he's all bones, tendons, and a crappy goatee.

-The micro people in the tour bus gag is running out of ideas already. Afraid of Greg Oden? Hasn't everyone seen just how slow and unintimidating he is by now?

-How aware is Jameer Nelson? It took him about 5 seconds on one play in the thrd quarter to realize that Rondo was guarding Dwight Howard on a switch, leading to a 3 second penalty.

-The greatest contribution of Dwight Howard's career thus far to the league? Making Adonal Foyle even less relevant. He's now been relegated to sitting far down the bench reading the back of the packaging for peanuts.

-Is Howard going for the split goatee on purpose? He looks like the old guy at the Chinese restaurant down the street who hasn't shaved in 40 years.

-Difference between NFL and NBA: You can slow-mo any NFL play at 5 angles and it looks cool. Slow-mo'n a loose ball foul in the NBA is stupid.

-Is this Heineken commercial supposed to be funny or cool? Because John Turturro is neither.


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