Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day From The Howeva Files

It's our favorite of the Hallmark-created, spend-too-much-on-flowers-and-sweet-tarts day of the year. No, really. Spending money on red and pink crap is really what love is all about.

Spend the day with that special someone that you've been meaning to say you have feelings for, whether they like it or not. You'll find that breaking in to another person's home and making them breakfast in bed is the perfect way to say, "I've been staring at you at the bus stop on the way to work every day, and I just can't hide my feelings anymore. Now EAT YOUR CEREAL!"

All joking aside, have a happy "holiday" everyone. If you need me, I'll be nude outside with fake wings shooting people with arrows.


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