Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NBA'S First H-O-R-S-E Competition: Thumbs Down

One of the most odd events of the NBA All-Star Weekend was the H-O-R-S-E competition between Kevin Durant, Joe Johnson, and OJ Mayo. The competition started off as potentially the most boring thing I've ever seen on television, with the players acting half-interested and challenging each other to hit (gasp) ten foot jumpers! To make matters worse, you had to spell G-E-I-C-O, which made the organizers seem like W-H-O-R-E-S. That was a pun, ladies and gents.

As soon as I was ready to give up on the competition altogether, OJ Mayo (bless his heart) got as bored as I did and started bombing shots from the audience, from the ground, and started doing granny/Rick Barry free throws. The man single-handedly got America back into the competition, only to be bested by a robotic, expressionless, emaciated Kevin Durant. Durant just took three-pointers the whole time, attempting only one "circus" shot from behind the scorer's table and annoying the hell out of me.

Well, apparently Durant got his just desserts, with him openly saying, "I thought I was going to get a better trophy than THAT" today, after being presented with a crappy plastic horse trophy as his reward for standing in the sun for an hour and a half.

You can see the crummy My Little Pony trophy by scrolling to around 3:10 below.

Seriously, could it be more obvious that they forgot to get a trophy and sent someone to the Toys R Us at the last second? That thing is just depressing.


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