Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Kobe Speaks-a like-a Mario!

We all know Kobe is a man of the world, but who knew he was so fluent in the language of love?


Italian Interviewer: Kobe, you speak the language of love...what says "romance" for you?

Kobe: A splooge-covered t-shirt, delivered by way of 'toss to the face'.

Italian Interviewer: Any resolutions for if you win the title this year?

Kobe: Curtail parking lot rants against Andrew Bynum. Do more about Jordan Farmar.

Italian Interviewer: What is the best thing you ever did in your travels through Italy?

Kobe: Jumping over a "Smart Car".

We may play this backwards and and realize he was saying "Paul is dead" over and over again like a Beatles record, but for now he sounds pretty damn worldly. It takes a lot for me to admit Kobe is anything other than an egomaniac, but speaking in Italian to a reporter? Pretty pimp.


Anonymous said...

Ma se sta a parla' de Ronaldinho, a cosooooo!

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