Saturday, June 14, 2008

Pat Riley Announces Return To Coaching/Poaching Championships

After less than two months into what many thought was a final retirement from coaching, Hall of Famer Pat Riley announced his return to the sideline Saturday to relieve Boston Celtics coach, Doc Rivers, of his duties.

"Doc's done a terrific job on this journey to a championship, but it's time that a true legend 'roll the station wagon into the driveway' so to speak" Riley stated to a packed room in downtown Los Angeles.

Rivers was not present at the press conference, but had a written statement read aloud by Riley. "This season has had it's rewards. I'll remember fondly getting within one game of my first championship, but it just feels right that I take time off to spend some more time with my darling family. Maybe I'll return to coaching as soon as Riley is done poaching, but until then I'll be happy not winning championships."


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