Thursday, September 4, 2008

New Magic Jerseys Leaked? Me Likey?

Taking a break from the crapfest known as the Oklahoma City Thunder's new image, we take a look at what might possibly be the new Orlando Magic jerseys. As a diehard Magic fan, when the franchise told the fans the team's new look would be unveiled September 23rd, I was counting down the days until...well, not the 23rd (we live in an information age)...but rather the moment when someone would get some leaked footage of the new jerseys. Too many jackasses have cameraphones these days for it not to happen (God bless 'em).

It appears that day has come. This is either the new Magic jersey, some mock-up that the team did just for this photo shoot, or one of the many ways that the world is messing with my mind:

Oh yeah, I should have probably mentioned that these leaked photos are from a future Dwight Howard get milk ad. Most of you probably thought Dwight had dyed his moustache in one of those images, which I'm at least 36% sure he has not done. One of the many reasons Dwight Howard is currently my favorite player is the sheer fact that many of his photos show him grinning widely, almost as we would if we were suddenly given a billion dollars and NBA skills. These photos are no exception as he is grinning enough to mimic a sex-ed Mutombo.

Earlier images and leaked gossip about the new Magic jersey had it with pinstripes, which are not in these. I am hoping they have pinstripes, something teams like the Pittsburgh Pirates and Indiana Pacers have essentially ruined. Mobsters need something to wear with their pinstriped suit pants, dammit!

More news on the Magic jerseys as it's leaked. Stay tuned, gang.


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