Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday And NBA Fights...FUN, FUN, FUN!

It's Wednesday, a day that is neither here nor there. It's not the beginning of the week or the end. It doesn't suck like a Monday, but also doesn't make you want to scream out of a window in happiness like a Friday (To my neighbors: That was not me screaming in happiness the other day. That was some other guy). All in all, it's just an apathetic vanilla day.

I say we take back Wednesday. I say we make it the most kickass day of the week. I say we run straight at the folks who make the calendars, hold up one of their 2008 puppy calendars, and say, "Put Wednesday somewhere better or we're going to set fire to March: Poodle Puppy Month".

It won't be easy, a lot of people will resist Wednesday being a better day. For this reason we will likely need force. By "we" I of course mean you, as I will be sipping Caprisun from my lofty New York Penthouse apartment, where I have a good view of things burning.

If you need a fight training video, I can think of none better than this. WARNING: There is foul language in this video clip, so if you have youngsters around you I strongly suggest you cover their ears with a bike helmet of some sort:

If this video clip doesn't work, you can check it out here:


Anonymous said...

Too much shoving. It looks like the NBA was been on the extreme!

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