Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Graduating From The Charles Barkley School Of Finance

Oh, Stephon Marbury. When faced with an uncertain future, the fact that he is on a team that can't stand him, and the only team that seems mildly interested in him (the Celtics) are still only...well, mildly interested...it's good to know Stephon has his mind completely focused on getting his NBA career back on track:

"At Starbury, consumers do not have to choose between fashion, style, quality, and affordability....They get all four."
Yes, that's right. Our boy Marbury is back working on his shoe/clothing line. Now, apparently he's got rapper Bow Wow working with him too. This makes perfect sense to me, as Marbury's clothing line prides itself on being affordable enough for low-income families to purchase. If there is one person who recognizes the plight of the working man, it's Bow Wow. "Bow Wow" is synonymous with "Thrifty". I mean, it's not like Bow Wow is one to throw his money around on frivolous endeavours.

Oh come on. Like YOU never wagered $100,000 dollars on a game of Madden.


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