Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Inside The NBA Discusses Twittering

I know I will date myself here, but I have no clue what the hell twittering is and don't really care to know. I barely have enough time to pee these days, let alone write for THF and romance the ladies, so learning a new thing is just out of the question. It's also impossible to sound manly when you say "twitter". It's like a guy punching a guy's head off, revving a motorcycle, blasting some heavy metal...and then saying he is going to drink a's that one component that just makes it not manly.

The folks on Inside the NBA discussed twittering the other day, and this was of particular interest to me because Barkely is even more of a caveman than I am:

I have no idea how Charles Barkely doesn't have his own show at this point. I think I would pay to watch him read the TV Guide, he is so entertaining. In fact, I'm mildly pissed that the TV Guide channel hasn't contacted him to pitch such a program.


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