Monday, March 16, 2009

Tiger's Vote(s) For MVP

Tiger Woods is so good at golf that it was only a matter of time before his superpowers were used towards other this case forecasting the future of the NBA MVP race. I like this line of thinking, and whomever asked him this question is as close to me if I were a sideline reporter as you can get. I'm always the guy watching and yelling at the guy interviewing Michael Jordan, "Yeah, he thinks the Bulls will do well this year...BUT WHAT DOES HE THINK ABOUT THE TONYA HARDING SCANDAL?! ASK HIM!!!!"

Asking Tiger's opinion on the NBA isn't as out of left field as it seems. Tiger seems to be at every single Orlando Magic home game, and currently holds a solid 8000 to 2 advantage over JJ Redick in regards to times the cameras are on him. The best part of the video (in my opinion) is that Tiger seems incredibly solemn when answering, bordering on seeming sad. It's like he just narrowly lost the biggest tournament of his life. Since Tiger never loses, the closest thing to "loss" he knows is that Dwayne Wade won't win MVP:

It's okay, Tiger. Somehow with the bajillions you possess and the hot model wife, I'm sure you'll get over Dwayne coming in 3rd in the voting.


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