Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Aloha From Dublin Pt. 2

So here I am with my stewardess from my flight and my boy, Jason in Dublin! Somewhere to the left the remainder of the first half is playing and we're demanding that Michael Pietrus shoot the open threes simply to impress the chick out of frame with the big tits. I'm just happy to learn that it's 2-1 at this point and that I'll be back in the states for the final game. And as my boy Ronnie told me, "Yo, my bookie told me that this is going 7 games since Stern wants a long series...."

PS I just read that Tim Donaghy had his knee damaged by his roommie with "a paint rolling stick" back in November. Obviously the guy's a loser if he's getting his ass kicked by a paint brush. Reminds me of my neighbor in my freshman year who had his anal virginity stolen from him by his roommie who was tripping and thought that he was the second coming of Picasso and his roommie's bum hole was his canvas....night night ya'll


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