Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Not Just ANYONE Can Do NBA Interviews, People!

I am not certain what "YoungHollywood.com" is, but if these interviews are any indication then they will be fodder for many, many foolish youtube videos in the future. The ingredients are all there:

-Young valley girl talking about basketball? Check

-Asking NBA players who they like in a best of 7 series, when the Lakers are already up 2-0 and looking dominant? Check

-Asking hard hitting questions like this gem to Blake Griffin, "How do you, you know, feel about being drafted?" Check.

And my personal favorite: Picking the absolute weirdest photos of the NBA players they are interviewing, basically destroying any credibility coming from their mouths? Check, Check, CHECK!

Seriously, that photo of Ron Artest should be shown during every interview he does from now on. It says in a subtle way, "Although I sound coherent, remember that I still am crazy and weird enough to rap with my cell phone clipped securely to my belt, lest it get lost."


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