Thursday, May 6, 2010

Hot Cheerleader Wednesday: Atlanta Hawks

Yes, yes, I KNOW it's Thursday...but I'll be damned if we let the site's #1 staple falls by the wayside due to such a frivolous technicality.

I've decided to change the format of the HCW to be that of an entire team's cheerleaders. While Dolphins Cheerleader Lilly Robbins is a star all in herself, just finding one name cheerleaders is just something I am far too lazy to do.

In honor of the Hawks losing by 43 points to the Magic the other day, I've decided today's HCW would focus on Atlanta. Not only was I just there to visit relatives, but I'd like to show some mercy to Hawks fans after they got destroyed. Consider it an olive branch from a Magic fan like myself. This will all go away if the Hawks somehow beat the Magic tonight in game 2, because I am just that much of a bastard.

Anyhow, enough talk. Meet the Hawks dancers:


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