Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hot Cheerleader Wednesday: Boston Celtics

As a Magic fan, I would love nothing more than for the Celtics to beat the Cavaliers tonight, thus setting up an easier route for Orlando to make it to the NBA Finals. I honestly can't stand anyone on the Celtics except Brian Scalabrine, but the playoffs are all about matchups so I'm willing to put differences aside.

On a side note, here is an interesting tidbit from Wikipedia about the Celtics logo:

The Boston Celtics logo was designed by Red Auerbach's brother, Zang.

I can't believe there is a less successful brother out there named "Zang Auerbach". As a parent, you KNOW you are making one of your sons the less successful one when you opt for "Zang".

Anyhoo, enough of my rantings. Here are some ladies wearing green and white, none of whom appear to be Irish:
Look at those smiles. Truly, being an NBA cheerleader is a profession you can brag to your high school friends about and bring up at thanksgiving dinner. In fact, you tell people, "Hey, google 'Boston Celtics Cheerleader' and you'll see me up there. I even have my rump turned suggestively to the camera lens! Isn't that funny, grandma?"

Well, imagine ol' granny's expression when she googles "Boston Celtics Cheerleader", your image comes up...and it happens to be in this golden nugget of photographic genius:
Someone give this guy an award. The fact that the cameraman/camerawoman had the insight to scoot the frame over ever-so-slightly to include him makes it even better. -For this, you see, isn't as much a great photo as it is a metaphoric representation of the Boston sports bar world, where amidst your "Yankees wicked SUCK!" and "Knock Eli's block off, Broooooski!" you can still have a good time.

You can almost imagine Sam Adams doing a similar gesture to the British during the Boston Tea Party. God bless America.


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