Thursday, June 5, 2008

Celtics-Lakers To-NITE!/Remembering Larry

The Lakers take on their arch rivals tonight in a slobberknocker of epic proportions. Growing up an enormous Larry Bird fan, I have to side with the Celtics here. This will no doubt screw me in the future when I inevitably move to Los Angeles to continue my work in television, upon which I am immediately pelted with purple and yellow painted rocks.

To the credit of David Stern and the refs who did everything possible to ensure this series would happen, I have been very nostalgic of the Lakers-Celts games of old lately and it has been making me excited. Specifically, I took a look back at "Larry Legend's" highlights over the past few days, and remember why I spent many a late night in grade school reading "Drive".

Take a look at this guy at work...he's not mortal:

We American-born white guys need another Larry Bird/John Stockton figure to remind our youths that they actually might have a chance to play in the NBA one day. For now, when I have a son I will be sure to sit him in front of these highlights to remind him that dorky white guys with blonde moustaches and short shorts actually CAN rock everyone's socks off.


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