Tuesday, June 17, 2008

CELTICS WIN! Eli Manning The Only Thing Standing Between Boston Championship Trifecta

The Celtics demolished the Lakers tonight, winning their 17th NBA title and thus concluding what has been a very fun NBA season.

Congrats to Boston sports fans out there. For tonight America will momentarily suspend its complete hatred of you, as your city seems to win everything lately. It's only amount of time before the Bruins win an unprecidented 18 Stanley Cups in a row (they're filming the other team's defensive signals).

Suddenly that dream I had about Brian Scalabrine and Big Baby riding a victory parade float all makes sense.

With the conclusion of the NBA season, we usher in arguably the most funny and ridiculous part of the NBA...the offseason! I can't wait to see who JR Smith accidentally kills!


Anonymous said...

when these lakers win, they win in style; but when they go down, oh man do they go down in flames! there's simply no middle ground for these lakers

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