Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Barkley Plays God...Actually Pretty Nice About It

We all know that Charles Barkley loves to chuck his hard-earned money down the toilet, what with him losing comical amounts of money to a not-so-comical gambling addiction.

Well, now that Sir Charles has gone cold turkey from gambling, what incinerator-like apparatus will he throw his money into? Turns out it is a busboy.

Alright, I admit, that last sentence probably sounded a little suggestive, but America's favorite NBA analyst/Deodorant spokesman actually seems to be doing something really nice here by offering to pick up the college tuition of a busboy at a restaurant he frequents. -Granted, when Barkley gives an generous offer such as this one, apparently he still has to act like God when he does it:

Barkley didn't give him much time, telling Abate that he had the length of Barkley's meal to decide. Abate wisely accepted.

Ah who am I kidding? If I had money like Barkley does I would be way worse than that about it. People would dance, yes DANCE, for my money. Then I would do crazy things like force the Cleveland Browns to actually get a logo. If they failed to comply, I'm shipping them straight to Baltimore again!


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