Tuesday, July 15, 2008

O.J. Mayo 1 for 1 In Crazy NBA Halfcourt Shots

OJ Mayo, surely one to be on this site many times in the future with his "Ron Artest-like Bravado", and "Reggie Bush-like Collegiate Money Scandals" can now add "Gilbert Arenas-like Circus Shots" to his business card. -That's because of this shot that he drilled yesterday in the summer league.

I love full court shots, but have to admit about 99 percent of them are about luck with the player barely even looking at the hoop. On this shot, however, O.J. actually squares up his body and has somewhat good form letting it go...while in the air! I'd make a superhero joke here, but doing that would only make me want to see Batman: The Dark Knight more than I already do.

While you watch, please note the complete lack of a physical reaction from the audience while the shot goes in. Sorry to wake you, summer league fans.


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