Sunday, July 20, 2008

Oklahoma City Thunder? A City Sighs Apathetically

Rumors are swirling that the NBA Oklahoma City team is going to be named the "Thunder", leaving those with thunder-thighs to be consistently reminded of their condition.

There has been a long and proud long tradition of teams with the name "Thunder". These are including, but not limited to:

The Berlin Thunder European NFL Team

Claim To Fame: You can play as them in Madden when you are REALLY bored.

Logo Choice: A mallet rotating in space. USSR logo fans cry copycat!

Coolness Factor (out of 10): 5. The mallet scores points with Super Mario Hammer Bros. fans.

The Orlando Thunder World League Football Team

Claim To Fame: A team in one of the least successful football leagues...ever.

Logo Choice: Pretty clouds with a lightning bolt. Could be on a shirt at Gymboree.

Coolness Factor (out of 10): 3. Nothing scary about this football team. White facemasks?

Minnesota Thunder Soccer Team

Claim To Fame: Soccer team at some point before MLS started. Whoopee!

Logo Choice: A soccer ball. Was that really the best they could do?

Coolness Factor (out of 10): 1. I just threw up in my mouth.

About 8 Million Minor League Baseball/Softball Teams.

Claim To Fame: Baseball takes any boring team name and exploits it. This is no exception.

Logo Choice: Lightning bolts of various sizes. Just don't get the thunder/lightning distinction.

Coolness Factor (out of 10): 0. Just unbearable.

Wow, if this is any indication, the OKC Thunder are in great company and are sure to prosper for a number of years. Actually...they have been already, as a World League Football team. Wow! Who would have thunk that the Orlando Thunder moved and the NBA blatantly ripped off their name? Things are looking up, Mr. Stern!


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