Thursday, July 10, 2008

Redick: Coming To A Team Near You?

With shooting guard Mike "I bring-a da champ-ee-on-sheep to de Orlando" Pietrus signed, JJ Redick's days with the Magic seem to be done. Internet rumors have Redick cleaning out his locker pre-emptively a la Kobe, and telling newspaper folks that "the writing's been on the wall for a while" that he would be leaving Orlando. With his escalating number of snide comments, Redick, arguably the most hated college player of the modern era, appears ready to once again pick up his helm as that outspoken spoiled kid who is ready to make America's eyes roll all over again. The question is...will the overrated cocky white kid be on YOUR team next?

You may ponder, "How could he be played so LITTLE by the Magic? Surely Stan Van Gundy could find a spot for him SOMEWHERE, right?" Wellllllll...not so much. As a Magic fan, I've had some time to watch him play in between sessions of passing gatorade to James Augustine. The all time ACC college scoring champion just doesn't have a game that works in the pros. His soft, "I shoot baskets in between Abercrombie and Fitch shopping sprees!" mentality doesn't translate in the NBA...a league in which defense and silly stuff like taking it to the hole strong matter. Exhibit A, B, and C of the thunderous POWER of Redick scoring drives:

Redick will most likely wind up traded, and at best his fate appears to be sealed in the "Kyle Korver skinny white guy who just spots up at the three point line and plays in spot duty" role. Until then, chuck a striped shirt and glasses on him because like "Where's Waldo?" it will be a challenge to find him cracking playing time in the NBA anytime soon.

On a side note, does anyone even shop at Abercrombie and Fitch anymore? Perhaps their black and white images of nude men on the sides of buildings in New York somehow managed to backfire.

EDIT: Against all that is practical, Redick is now claiming he is fine in Orlando and he hasn't cleaned out his locker.  Sounds like someone's agent got wind of his clients pissy attitude and told him to bear with it to avoid a P.R. disaster. 


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