Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's To Celebrations

Since there is little to nothing news-wise in the NBA today, I figured we'd take a look at an 'oldie-but-a-goodie'. I will now immediately apologize as that is such an irritatingly overused phrase.

Next time you get a raise at work, find some cash in between your sofa cushions, or perhaps even realize that the newest episode of How I Met Your Mother recorded on your DVR, I encourage you to celebrate. Life is short, and we have too little to actually get overly happy about these days. -And I don't just mean celebrate as in "Yay...that's great." I mean really get your ass up and do a little dance.

If you need it, here is Charles Oakley to inspire you. Enjoy:

I should also mention that should you be the Larry Johnson figure in someone else's celebration, I give you complete freedom to kick that person in the nuts.


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