Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Byron Scott Rules With An Iron Fist

Taking a break from watching this video, I stumbled across this on Youtube today. It's a videotaped practice of the New Orleans Hornets, if you could actually call it a "practice". Byron Scott watches Peja, Morris Peterson, and James Posey try to make 40/50 three pointers while he laughs and makes fun of them. Byron makes bets with the players and trash talks like a guy playing Halo against his friends.

In my mind, practices for NBA teams were like the basketball practices at my regimented catholic high school: Sprints, running plays, sprints, full-court layup drills, sprints, and then resultant death. Not so much here, as the tone seems to be more like a bunch of guys laughing in a bar. I half expected Chris Paul to pull out a highball glass and a cigar.

I'm not saying any of this is a bad thing. If anything, it makes me want to kick my high school basketball coach in the nuts.


elHans said...

haha Byron Scott rules

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