Monday, October 6, 2008

Previewing...The Preview Of NBA Live 09 VS NBA 09 The Inside

Tomorrow is the day that this upcoming year's NBA video game titles drop. As I've mentioned in previous columns, I'm an avid PSP player so this unfortunately leaves me unable to get the superior 2K franchise games.

So what are they saying so far?
NBA Live 09

Play UK
"It's a real step-up from last year's version of NBA Live, which felt stilted and robotic by comparison." (Translation: Gameplay seems better)

Playstation: The Official Magazine (US)
"But small gripes aside, NBA Live 09 delivers some great basketball and will please most PS3-owning basketball fans." (Translation: I don't own a does that mean all I am left with is the small gripes?)

PSM3 Magazine UK
The actual gameplay is still awkward and slow next to the flowing brilliance of "2K." (Translation: Well, I knew this. Still, sucks to see it year after year).

Playstation Official Magazine UK
Measured against the rest of EA's high quality pro sports line-up, NBA 09 looks and plays a distinctly amateur game of B-Ball. (Translation: You're playing something the interns whipped up while the rest of the company literally killed chickens in ritualistic sacrifice to ensure Madden 09 would be good).

NBA 09 The Inside

Hardcore Gamer Magazine
Where NBA 09: The Inside shines is in its library of mini-games, more than making up for the lackluster core gameplay. (Translation: This is last year's game repackaged, but with better random mini-games and probably crappier actual basketball)

Where does that leave me? No idea yet, but I'll make my decision soon. The replay-ability of The Inside calls to me for the second straight year, but I am tempted to go with NBA Live simply because it represents the great unknown which I have never experienced. Either way, I'll probably regret my purchase and still spend 80+ hours on the subway for Hedo Turkoglu to make a damn 3 pointer. Stay tuned!


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