Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Game Informer Says: NBA Live 09 Better Than NBA 09: The Inside

Wow...that might be the most boring title I've ever used. I have a bad taste in my mouth after that. For shame, Jordan...for shame.

Anyhoo, both NBA 09: The Inside and NBA Live 09 were released today amid almost no fanfare. We have our first real look into a side by side comparison, coming from game informer. How'd they stack up? Read below, you misfit!

Game Informer Sez:

NBA Live 09
Score: 78
"NBA Live 09’s gameplay improvements make this the best game in the series. If more care would have been taken to the new modes, it might have unseated the 2K franchise."

NBA 09: The Inside
Score: 65
"With gliding players prone to stepping out of bounds, animations that lock you out of reactionary movement, and lackluster commentary, the on-court action offers a similar dose of mediocrity as years past. The low post game is a mess, the strategy suffers from simplicity, and the defensive system lacks the sophistication (and usefulness) of its competition."

Wow. If I were an NBA 09: The Inside programmer I would either be putting a hit on Game Informer writers or jumping out of a window (and NOT using the bodies of Wall Street employees that have already jumped out as a spongy pillow). Round 1 goes to NBA Live.
Alright, we'll take a break from this until some more reviews come in so this doesn't become misconstrued as a video game site. There is nothing I hate more than nerds, except maybe self-righteous video game nerds.


elHans said...

thats bullshit, i just bought nba live 09 for psp and i want to return it already, its the exact game as last year, they didnt even fix the ratings, the rosters arent updated, theres no thunder, it looks exactly the same at last year, i played for 5 minutes and im already sick of it, i advice you to get a 360 or a ps3 and get nba 2k9, its SO GOOD, i also got it today and ive been playing it since 2 pm

Jordan Geary on October 8, 2008 at 8:07 PM said...

No Thunder? That sucks!

One of the many pitfalls of announcing a team name and image about a month before the preseason starts. Thanks for the heads up about NBA Live 09. Hearing "it's the same as last year" after seeing countless hilarious videos of bugs in the game is not boding well for its chances...

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