Tuesday, April 28, 2009

David Lee Is Available Ladies, Er...I Mean Teams

Restricted free agent power forward (lord, that is a long title) David Lee came out today and said he will gladly play for any team that will pay him...Wanting cash...wow, really different than the other players in the NBA, David. Definitely headline-worthy.

I really like David Lee. Not only because I feel bad that he had to endure the crap Larry Brown years AND the crap Isiah years, but also because he seems to genuinely be a nice, entertaining guy to be around. With an introduction like that, tell me I wouldn't be a good wingman.

Here is David Lee being his usual fun self:

I find it very funny the way he almost yells at the camera "I like the way you THINK." This makes the image of David Lee hitting on women akin to him walking up to a bunch of women, them looking at how tall he is, and him blurting out, "I'm very tall and proportionate everywhere. Yes, everwhere. You may now fight over me."

Update: How amazing is this Bulls-Celtics series? Really, KG's inclusion would have only ruined this thing. Celtics win in OT again.

Update #2: Magic beat the Sixers to take a 3-2 lead. I can now sleep soundly.


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