Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Iverson Shows Barkley What Gambling Problems Should Look Like

Today a report came out that Allen Iverson has been banned from not one, but two Detroit-area casinos. This was followed by most of America saying the same thing: "Detroit has casinos?"

This news continues the month-long rain of crap upon the head of Allen Iverson. His team doesn't even want him in their games, and now his casinos don't even want to take his money. As with Barry Bonds and Pete Rose, when age catches up with you in sports, and you happen to be a jackass, the ride out of the spotlight is a really painful one. You just know Terrell Owens will experience a record number of people hating him when his legs wear down and he is spit out of Buffalo in two years. It's rough when the one thing that kept the douchiness in check (freakish athletic ability) is gone and karma is free to run rampant in the form of a cranky Bob Ryan yelling at the screen, "Get the bum off my TV screen!".

On a side note, I bumped into a drunk Bob Ryan on Bourbon Street in New Orleans when I was younger, and it only added to how much of how trippy drinking in Louisiana is. Bob Ryan had that creepy white moustache back then (shivers remembering it).
Oh, I should mention that Iverson apparently got banned from the casinos for "being a bad loser". This includes throwing cards in the face of the dealer when he lost. One can only hope that all of this bad press someday inspires a little kid to throw his basketball trading cards in the face of Iverson for how he depreciated their value with his antics. That would be karmic GOLD!


Anonymous said...

Where is the photo from?

Jordan Geary on April 27, 2009 at 1:06 PM said...

I have no idea, but it looks conspicuously like the creepiest golf tournament ever.

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