Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yesterday Was Pretty Awesome

Yesterday the weather completely sucked, I had to wait a whole 24 hours for the Wednesday night Lost episode, and I had an exhausting day at work...and it still rocked.  Why?  The NBA games, especially how a few of them finished yesterday, were incredible.

Take a look at the top 10 plays from yesterday and you'll see some of the many plays that had me jumping up out of my seat.  Especially plays #2 and #1:

Good golly Miss Molly.  If I were Rasual Butler, I would have just retired right after that shot.  It's all downhill after that.

Ugh, this post was pretty mushy with all the NBA love, and I have to say that in retrospect I honestly hated reading it.  But alas!  Every so often even the most Grinchy of writers has a soft day.  I promise to be back to my pissy, sarcastic, laugh-at-the-ugly-cheerleaders self tomorrow.


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