Monday, May 11, 2009

Big Baby Wins The Game/Sends Message To America's Obese

In case you have avoided all sports media this morning, you missed much discussion of Big Baby's buzzer beater against the Magic to tie the series 2-2.  For me, this was secondary to the message Big Baby sent to America's obese:  I will shove your ass.

After Glen Davis' amazing shot, he celebrated the way a true hero would: by running along the sidelines, cursing loudly about doing horrible things to people's mothers.  While running, Big Baby shoved a fat kid out of the way, and it was this gesture that showed the world how he felt about about the nation's rising weight epidemic.  It was a powerful message, especially coming from a player who weighed roughly 600 lbs coming out of college.  

Someday, when Big Baby is retired and is no doubt hawking some exercise device, this will be the video they show.  He'll say, "It wasn't until I felt the weight of that chubby munchkin, careening off of my body into the stands, that I realized the dark path that obesity can lead one on.  From that moment on I decided to fight back...with the Big Baby Ab Crunch Pro!"  Of course, coming from Big Baby's mouth it'll sound more like "Me Big Baby Happy.  Yaaaaaaay (clapping)"

I would love to interview that fat kid today, just to see if I can set up some sort of celebrity boxing match between him and Big Baby in the future.  Were that to happen, I would die a happy man.


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