Saturday, May 2, 2009

We Love Our Readers: Comments Section Now Open

Eesh. That easily is one of the more odd team press photos I have ever seen.
This post is to let you scalawags know that the comments section is now completely open and completely moderation-free. This means you can post whatever comes into your sick little minds without worry of reprisal. Use it as a way to keep track of shopping lists, or tell that special someone that you're leaving them for the mailman. Either way, our site is now yours people.


Bean Balls said...

Oh come the fuck on. A second too late.

Anonymous said...

it burns when i pee.

... and i like your site.

Anonymous said...

Finally, a place to rant about the rants about the NBA.

Anonymous said...

your blog is loading slowly.

Anonymous said...

Who else thinks that Russia bears walking the streets, and the vodka flows like water?
And anyone can know that in this country the most beautiful girls?

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