Thursday, June 24, 2010

Live Blogging: 2010 NBA Draft

9:46 pm - Trevor Booker for two second round small forwards? T-Wolves: Sign me up

9:42 pm - YES! Another forward for Minnesota!

9:40 pm - Was that Charles Smith sitting next to Kevin Durant and talking in his ear? Can someone please get him escorted out of the building ASAP?!?!?!

9:20 pm - It took a little time, but it looks like Minnesota got their small forward.

9:11 pm - YES! Bulls draft another 6'9" forward! Jay: He weighs too much for us. Send him to Washington.

8:50 pm - Please remind me tomorrow to find the YouTube clip of Ed Davis' agent hugging him ever so sweetly.

8:48 pm - These hats are awful. I have nothing funny or more clever than that.

8:39 pm - Have we found the second coming of Eric Montross in Cole Aldrich?!?!?!?!

8:34 pm - "What I got" We're up to 2. This is admittedly better than 15 minutes of encouraging the crowd to contribute to Margaritaville.

8:32 pm - This guy is like a hip-hop show where he randomly stops playing a song. Jay: I wish he'd stop permanently.

8:28 pm - If Hayward were to slick his hair back, he'd look like a coked out Chris Klein.

8:24 pm - Turner?
8:22 pm - Aminu?
8:21 pm - It's the kid from Good Burger!

8:17 Look-a-likes! Flip Saunders and Mark Coleman.

8:14 pm - Greg Monroe's mom took some time off from touring with Sly and the Family Stone to join us today...

8:12 pm - Success. I threw a Cousins-like fit and got it back.

8:09 pm - This place is horrible.... They've given the college world series preference over the draft. Also something called Whacked Out Sports.

8:05 pm - Oh no, he's playing originals now....

8::04 pm - Whoa, how many d-bag Maloof brothers are there?!?!?!

7:54 pm - SHOCKING DEVELOPMENTS: Minnesota has decided to draft only small forwards, NOT - I repeat- NOT point guards.

7:50 pm - Jay: What's the over/under on hearing the term "length" spoken by "draft experts?" 1 billion.

7:49 pm - Cousins is throwing tables backstage right now after NJ picked Favors.

7:45 pm - Over/under on how long it'll take Philly fans to boo Turner? Jay: N/A. No one is going to those games!

7:44 pm - "Crash into me". We're at 1.

7:39 pm - Since Washington is trying to clear as much cap space as possible to sign a max player, how great would it be to see a line-up that includes Wall, Gilbert and Joe Johnson?

7:34 pm - A d-bag has apparently set up to play shitty acoustic guitar music tonight. I'm missing last year's location. What's the over/under on Third Eye Blind, Bon Jovi, Dave Matthews, Sublime, U2, Oasis songs tonight? 11.5.

7:33 pm - I keep mistaking the draft logo for a new video game.

7:32 pm - Jay: So if the Bulls trade Heinrich and Deng, how many power forwards can they max out at?

7:26 pm - It'd be pretty hard to call me racist if you knew my own race, but at first glance I thought that ESPN had brought in Cal Penn as their capologist.

7:18 pm - The NBA Draft is my guiltiest pleasure in sports. I rail against the massive amount of hype that the NFL Draft gets (quick, give me your top 10 right tackles...snooze) so yes, I guess I'm sort of a hypocrite. I can't get enough. This year I'm at TD Homer's in Southington, CT accompanied for a second straight year by Jay. It's Jay. Not Jason. Just Jay. Hopefully the storms don't knock out the cable entirely or the beer kills my laptop.


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