Thursday, June 17, 2010

Live Blogging Game 7

12:08 PM - Wow, you wonder why people hate Lakers fans? They just booed Bill Russell.

11:58 PM - Ron Ron thanking his psychiatrist was the best part of the entire game!

11:56 PM - So dramatic. Love game 7's. Can't help but notice how excited Kobe is and how unenthusiastic his wife is.

11:46 PM - Then Ray Ray...

11:45 PM - No idea how Boston is still close. Then Ron Ron hits a three on cue.

11:27 PM - A Gladys Knight reference. Way to skew Jurassic, Mark Jackson!

10:51 PM - There ought to be a permanent window in the corner fixated on Andy Garcia's mustache.

10:40 PM - If you're a Boston fan, don't you want everyone to say nothing about how badly Kobe's shooting right now? SHHHHHHHHHHH. Just let it happen...

10:11 PM - How dope would it be if one of the players stopped and admired himself on the big screens in the tunnels on the way back to the locker rooms?!

10:08 PM - Veal!

10:04 PM - Damn, this game has been so tight that I haven't moved a muscle in the longest time. Now Ron Ron and Pierce are going at it again.

9:54 PM - Is there a way to get the un-censored broadcast where there isn't 10 seconds of dead air whenever there's a collision? I would pay for it at this point.

9:27 PM - Anyone have any f'n idea who the hell the guy at the 8:20 mark is in this video? He's at every press conference dressed like that.

He's also here at the 2:39 mark too.

9:13 PM - I think this is what Doc Rivers' pre-game speech to Sheed probably sounded like: "This is what all the ice cream was for. All the jogging, sloppy defense, crappy outside shooting comes down to this. Will you step up or go bat shit crazy? Remember this, if you get a technical foul, it's not like there's a game 8 to be suspended for."

9:02 PM - The Red Hot Chili Peppers should always be playing in the background whenever Jeff Van Gundy speaks.

9:00 PM - The Lakers intro music only reminds me of the weakest and most cliched rock performance ever:

8:56 PM - The most appropriate injury report I've read this week: "Rajon Rondo had to get stitches in the locker room after suffering a Ron Artest."

8:55 PM - This vampire can SING!

8:51 PM - Blah blah blah, the world's worst pre/post game crew is finally over. I expected Magic to say, "This is going back to Boston" at prediction time.

8:34 PM - I'm back! Where have I been?! Who cares because it's Game 7! It's one of those rare days when you're allowed go scream at the TV like they can hear you.


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