Thursday, June 17, 2010

New NBA Logos Aplenty!

While most of you are watching the NBA's final game of the championship series, I'm watching the REAL important thing in the NBA: TEAMS ARE GOING CRAZY AND CHANGING ALL OF THEIR LOGOS!

Witness, with your damn eyes, the new logo:

Oh...wait...that's their old logo from the 90s with the purple substituted for blue. Well, at least it's better than that mountain logo thing they had!

Hold on, hold on a sec...I'm confused. The note logo is their SECONDARY logo, and they KEPT the mountain thing and made THAT blue as well? There's now ORANGE in there TOO?

Well, let's see what the Warrior's new logo looks like: their old logo is their new logo too?! Color me confused. I can't believe that they didn't even put some clouds in the sky of that blue circle. While I do think the Warriors "new" logo is an upgrade (the old logo was far too..."San Francisco" if you know what I mean), it's a shame that graphic designers aren't actually coming up with anything new these days.
My only hope is the Nets owner succeeds in making a Russian hooker their new logo for when they move to Brooklyn. Pleeeeeeease let that happen.


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