Monday, October 25, 2010

Back To The Future II Stuff Is Coming

For some unknown reason I've been thinking about Back To The Future II lately.

As a movie, BTTF2 gave toy-obsessed kids such as myself a cornucopia of bright, shiny objects to lust over that didn't exist. It sucked that the novel products, concepts and ways of life featured in the movie weren't within the nation's grasp. The closest we've come is a sports team in Miami (coincidentally my favorite team?) and me pouring Coca-Cola into my car's gas tank with horrendous results.

But lo! What do we have here?

Shoes that tie themselves?! THAT is most definitely on the short list of things I wanted from the movie as a kid. It would have saved me hours of screaming at my shoes that they are good-for-nothing slackers when I was 7 years old. Want.

A conversation about coveted items in BTTF2 would be nothing without...(insert crescendo of music)...the holy grail itself, the hoverboard (cymbal crash). As a serious longboarder and half-assed surfer, determining if my life is a success is completely tied into someone inventing this damn thing. Screw UFOs, cures for sicknesses, and ways to feed the hungry...humanity needs a hoverboard.

Ignoring the ridiculous homemade hoverboards people have made that are about the size of a Buick, and focusing on something that LOOKS and PERFORMS somewhat like the real thing, I present the most forward-thinking artist I've seen in a while: Nils Guadagnin.

It's almost impossible to not watch that previous video while humming the opening bars of "I'm Walking On Sunshine". With so much of this great stuff from Marty McFly's future coming true, all we can do is look to the sky and pray that Jaws 19 is released soon.


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