Monday, October 11, 2010

This Guy Has My Vote

I try not to get involved with political discussions, which in my opinion always go hand-in-hand with anger, close-mindedness, and stupidity. I'd rather talk sports and entertainment, which involve all three of those same qualities but won't result in things like having abortions or segregating schools (See? Just writing that last sentence made me hate politics even more. Let's debate the coolness of the Jets logo).

Sometimes though, I find exceptions. Take this guy, for example: Jimmy McMillan. He is a member of the "Rent Is 2 Damn High Party", which is as amazing as it sounds and is something I can firmly get behind. I used to live in Manhattan until, guess what? That's right, the rent got 2 damn high (with an emphasis on "2").

I love his quotes, like "As I've always said, if you can stand the heat in the kitchen, COME ON!". He is a blend of Mr. T, Kenny Rogers, and animal from The Muppet Show...and for this reason alone he should be president one day.


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