Friday, October 29, 2010


Holy cow!!!! The San Francisco Giants are up on the Texas Rangers 2-0 in the World Series.

This is not what I am "Holy Cow"-ing about. Check out this clip taken in a San Fran-area McDonalds yesterday. It is mayhem the likes of which I have never seen. The most epic moment is when the gigantic towel-wearing guy starts throwing people around like they are store mannequins (at the 1:50 minute mark).

These Giants fans are obviously upset that I went with the Bengals as my "orange and black" HCW team yesterday. Sheesh. I WAS going to go to McDonalds today to get one of their Halloween McBoo pails today, but now I may steer clear. I am too finely-groomed and classy for such uncouth behavior.

Oh yeah, and Happy Halloween everyone!!!


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