Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome To "Zombies Can Dunk.Com"

Welcome all to the brand new site "Zombies Can Dunk". Quite fitting that our first post would be on Friday The 13th, which can only mean good things moving forward.

Zombies Can Dunk is the re-branded name of the "The Howeva Files", which means ZCD will have the same wacky brand of humor, sponsors, and general lack of any real journalistic insight.

So what has changed besides the name? Zombies Can Dunk will focus on all sports, rather than just pro basketball. Also, we now are tapped into Twitter for more up-to-the-moment pithy comments, and the overall feel of the site will be more fun and fantastical rather than straight up news and commentary.

Thanks for reading, and come back frequently as we will be updating the site quite often with the moronic spew from our brains. Mmmm....brains....

Best wishes,


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