Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Let's Go To Texas!

When I was in college, I lived in one of the top 5 most sexually active dorms in the US of A. The list went like this:

5 - Bentley College, Massachusetts: Castle Hall
4 - Connecticut College: Harkness Hall
3 - Arizona State University: South Desert Village
2 - The George Washington University: Mabel Nelson Thurston Hall
1 - University of Rhode Island: Barlow Hall

God Bless, you URI Barlow Hall members. If all of you haven't succumbed to the JFK-level amount of STDs in your systems, I raise my glass to you. Number 4 was where I resided, and was coincidentally was also the number of moans and groans that could be heard throughout the halls on a given night. 'Twas a different time.

Being an avid researcher of who the sex crown is going to these days, I decided to open one of my favorite periodicals Men's Health. MH came out with a list of the top sex-happy U.S. Cities, and all I can say is that if you are a resident of Texas and are reading this, chances are naughty things are happening to you from the waist down as you read:

1. Austin, TX
2. Dallas, TX
3. Columbus, OH
4. Durham, NC
5. Denver, CO
6. Indianapolis, IN
7. Arlington, TX
8. Oklahoma City, OK
9. Bakersfield, CA
10. Houston, TX
11. Lubbock, TX
12. Fort Worth, TX
13. Charlotte, NC
14. Fresno, CA
15. San Antonio, TX

Alright, besides the obvious Texas shenanigans going on, a few observations:

-That Columbus, Ohio number is going to go WAYYYY down now that Lebron is Miami-bound and bringing his "three sex parties each night" average with him.

-Utah is always somewhere high on these lists of things that are decidedly un-Mormon. I find that funny.

-California and North Carolina have uncommonly good looking people. I have noticed this, and I am glad that they have too. Hollywood makes sense for good looking people, but North Carolina baffles me. Somehow, they manage.

Anyhoo, the moral of this story? Move to Texas if you want the nookie.

Fun video of the day: Here is a guy shopping with an attractive drunk girl in tow. I have no idea how this guy manages to completely get his shopping list done with this girl draped all over him, but kudos to him:


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