Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not All Kids Are Annoying Hoodlums I Want Off My Lawn

Although most kids do awful things like spray paint, destroy public property, and egg houses on mischief night (I will hide in the bushes with a hose this year), sometimes they are okay in my book. This is one of those times.

In this video, members of the Lake Stevens Football team handed the ball to a mentally handicapped kid on their squad, and the other team resisted the urge to tackle and let the kid have an amazing moment he'll never forget.

I have to say, the players around the kid sold it pretty well. I would give an Oscar to the kid who tries the diving tackle, as well as the blocker and blockee that come in at the end. It's one of those heart string-tugging moments that I don't find corny or annoying, but genuinely cool. The only letdown was a lack of a cool endzone celebration, but it makes sense since I remember all-too-serious referees penalizing my ass for stuff like that when I was younger. Who says that 4th grade isn't the right place to do that convoluted 10 minute Deion Sanders dance?


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