Wednesday, September 8, 2010

This Dog Is A Lazy Jerk

I love my dog very, very much. That said, my dog is a complete jackass when he gets his leash put on. He fights against it like he's trying to win some sort of tug of war for treats, which he is not for the record (I have explained this to him many times).

While he is much better now, the first two years of having my dog out in public resulted in the laughter of passers by, mostly with comments like, "Wow, he really doesn't want to follow you on that leash, huh?" and "Stubborn little rascal, ain't he?" and other things that added absolutely nothing to the situation except making me hate the population of New York City.

It's taken years, but I've finally found someone who has a dog worse on the leash than mine was. I even find myself finding it cute and stopping myself from adding my own asinine comments to the situation, like so many did to me. Anyhoo, enjoy:

EMBED-Cute Dog Doesn't Feel Like Walking - Watch more free videos


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