Thursday, September 16, 2010

This Is Why I Love Soccer

Stories like this make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. How great is this?

A "fake" Togo national team played against Bahrain in an international friendly last week, prompting an investigation from the African nation's sports ministry and FIFA.

Bahrain's Ismail Abdulatif in action against Qatar

Bahrain's Ismail Abdulatif in action against Qatar days before the fake match

Bahrain beat who they thought was the Togo national team 3-0 in Bahrain last Tuesday, but Togo officials have claimed to have no knowledge of the match. It has emerged the players may not have been professional footballers or even Togolese nationals but mystery still surrounds their true identity.

So Bahrain beat another country's national team, only to find out they were IMPOSTERS and the real team claimed they still hadn't played yet?!?! I swear that soccer is 800 times more ridiculous than any other sport in the world and this only adds to its charm. I can't wait until the inevitable happens and a soccer team loses to another, and then learns that the winning team was really full of zoo animals. It is the logical next progression of the sport.


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