Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chris Kaman's Hair, R.I.P. / Welcome Faux Hawk Skull

Earlier this month, I was awoken by a late night phone call from Black and Blue Jordan. My partner in crime was sobbing profusely and was so distraught that he couldn't form a complete sentence. The only words I could discern were 'boilermaker' and 'coach from Hang Time.' It took me until the next day to figure out that he was yammering about Brad Miller's cornrows. "The season's peaked! We'll have nothing hair-related to write about now!" he said.

Unfortunately, not so.

Without so much a Sports Center 2-hour special, Chris Kaman's hair has been shorn.
"My mom doesn't like it, and I like my mom. I won't bring it back. Sorry."
I had no idea, but Kaman looks funnier without the handful of locks that allegedly took over 2 years to grow. The shape of his dome seems to have a built-in crest, vaulting him into direct competition with David Beckham to see who has the best faux hawk in LA.


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