Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Get ready for a lot of Swift-to-Cardinal this year

Being the party animals that we are at The Howeva Files, it gets to be a little difficult to snap us to attention most mornings. Usually we require Hatebreed performing in the living room, a blood transfusion, and a solid hour of Stephen A., but this time all it took were a few lines from the Memphis Commercial-Appeal:

Veteran point guard Damon Stoudamire darted into the lane, hesitated with his dribble and then unexpectedly floated an alley-oop pass toward the rim.

Hakim Warrick already had begun to climb an air ladder and scored off a monster dunk.

The play created a buzz Monday in the Grizzlies' practice gym, especially from 7-footer Pau Gasol as he sat along the baseline with his back against the wall, elevating his sprained left ankle.

Soon after, forward Stromile Swift pulled up to attempt a 10-foot shot, but saw an opening. Swift fired a bullet pass to an unguarded Brian Cardinal.

Cardinal's uncontested layup didn't fall, but that play created a buzz, too.
So this is what is supposed to have our panties all wet in anticipation this season? Because it doesn't. We don't wear underwear; we go commando like Jesse "The Body/The Mind" Ventura. Our capri pants on the other hand are soaked.

Good lord this team is in shambles! As when Samson lost his strength when his hair was shaved, the Grizz have lost theirs when Gasol shaved off that hard core beard. Two choices, Mempis: 1) Get Gasol to get the beard back or 2) Give out free moonshine to fans at the door, because that is what it'll take to get people to the game!


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