Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kevin McHale Has Officially Lost His Mind: Davis and Blount To Miami

As if it wasn't before, now it is official: Kevin McHale is simply trying to fuck up the Timberwolves beyond recognition.

ESPN is reporting that the Timberwolves and Heat are close to completing a trade that would send potential top scorer Ricky Davis and servicable big man Mark Blount to Miami for a heaping pile of vomit. This vomit includes completely useless and out of shape Antoine "Black Brando" Walker, Mike Doleac, Wayne Simian, and a first round draft pick (whoop dee doo!).

Just like America is asking themselves, "Wow, who would have thought we'd one day think Kevin Federline was way more normal than Britney Spears?", those in the NBA community are now asking themselves "Wow, who would have thought a GM would come along that was awful enough to make Isiah Thomas look good?"

This, coupled with the news that Kevin McHale turned down several better offers to drop All-Star Kevin Garnett into his old team's hands, just set the offseason benchmark that inept GMs will have to try to hit in the future. Wow...good luck trying to beat this one, guys.


Anonymous said...

I actually like the new format because I'm a Bulls fan. Laughed at the Kaman story. Write a Bulls story guys!


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