Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New Sitcom Idea: The Wiz House

With crap-fest shows like "Cavemen" and "Moonlight" on television this season, I think it's about time an NBA player or two got their own show. -Not so quick, "Hangtime" star Reggie Theus, you already had your shot.

There are many promising options out there:

-Survivor: Kemp's Kids, CBS (See which one of Shawn Kemp's illigitemate children can outwit and outlast the others to win a spot at his Thanksgiving table)

-Travis Diener M.D, ABC (Sequel to the popular "Doogie Howser M.D." showcases 12 year old child prodigy)

-Moustache Rides with host Adam Morrison, Playboy TV (No explanation needed)

Out of all of the options though, my preference goes to anything starring Gilbert Arenas. Once I heard a while back that Gilbert Arenas was renting out a house to young Wizards players Dominic McGuire and Nick Young, I KNEW the potential was there. Looking at the Toronto Star newspaper today revealed the premise for my newest million-dollar NBA show idea: The Wiz House.

Gilbert Arenas ran an item recently on his teammate, former USC star Nick Young.
Arenas wrote that Young and his pal, Dominic McGuire, are practical jokers. One day, Arenas was playing the video game Halo – oh, yeah, better make that every day – but in this particular instance, he was playing Halo and saw Young and McGuire sneaking around near his house armed with paintball guns. The pranksters jumped a wall and came in through the garage, but Arenas had already left the house and was across the street, flattening their car tires.

This battle royale is exactly what a channel like Spike TV is looking for, considering the fact that 98% of their programming involves phrases like "Battle Royale". Toss in that friggin' weird Gonzo-lookalike mascot Washington has and you have a success on your hands. Hollywood, get er' done.


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